Friday, July 13, 2007

Citizens UNinvolved

As promised my guest blogger, sparow, and I went to the Citizens Involved meeting Wednesday. And, just as I had thought this meeting was utterly pointless. Somehow more pointless than the first meeting we attended. Ms. York was very happy to trot out her little guest speakers. The same guy from the Public Service Commission came back for what I'm sure he thought would be another round of bashing—this time with back up however. It should be noted that one person in attendance attempted to ask a question of the speaker from the PSC. However, no sooner had the gentleman opened his mouth than he was rudely interrupted by Ms. York who stated that all questions will he held till after the speakers had finished. This man then walked out of the meeting in disgust. Ms. York: would you kindly inform me and the readers of this blog how in the hell you expect any citizen to be involved if you do not allow them to question your speakers?

Again, Ms York proved her inability to run a meeting when, instead of informing speakers that they had exceeded the time provided them, she allowed them to go on with their spiels while sitting back and beaming at them like a proud little puppy. (Jesus woman you drafted the damned agenda!) Oh yes and these speakers....why was a State rep that DOES NOT REPRESENT THIS DISTRICT even invited?? Much less allowed to droll on about how great he is for 45 minutes? Ms York was very proud of him though. She was quite the proud little puppy.

In closing, I can only determine that this Citizens Involved group is utterly pointless and will accomplish nothing. This really is too bad as they could be very helpful to East County. They will not be least not with Ms. York at the helm.

With that I turn this post over to my guest blogger , SPAROW for her insight.

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