Thursday, June 14, 2007

Yelling and Screaming and Rate Hikes....OH MY!!

Last night I decided to attend a meeting of a citizens group called Citizens Involved. Have served for three terms on the City of Takoma Park Public Safety Citizens Advisory Committee and one of the founders of the same city's Emergency Preparedness Committee, I was very pleased to hear that this Citizens Involved group was around. In fact, my first impression of them from (credit where it's due and all) Just Up the Pike, led me to believe that these people wanted to change things in the East County area. Hell, I thought they may even like to know my experiences as an appointed member to a public committee that attempted to do what they (so I thought) wished to do. Much to my unpleasant surprise, the meeting last night left me with a bad taste. First, the organizer of this Citizens Involved wished to discuss the BGE rate hike. To facilitate this, she invited some member of the Maryland Public Service Commission, BGE folks, and a host of other peddlers of green energy (it should be noted that the person presenting on solar power was, I'm pretty sure, under the influence of some controlled substance. I hope so at least.) The poor guy from the State got slammed hard by the geriatric residents, as well he should but this was not HIS PERSONAL fault. Ms. York utterly failed to follow her own agenda which itself turned a meeting that may have had some decent outcome into little more than her own infomercial spot. Tempers ran so hot that I was concerned the meeting would end in fisticuffs.

What is the point of this organization? What are they trying to accomplish? No one was invited (or at least showed up) that could do anything to address the concerns of those gathered. Not one elected official. I'm glad to know that Ms. York is so fond of green power. Perhaps she should start a Citizens for Green Power group or at least re-name Citizens Involved because they certainly aren't involved in much more than bitching and moaning. I am going to email Ms. York asking that MY concerns be added to the next meeting agenda. I highly doubt they will be as I'm sure she is already preparing next month's line up.

In short, Citizens Involved is little more than a forum Ms. York uses to show off her own ideas, or leanings. (i.e., the green energy and wholesale power peddlers) She does not bother to invite people that may help or for that matter care. This, coupled with Ms. York's total inability to lead a school of goldfish much less a meeting, left me with the overwhelming feeling that, like the Briggs-Chaney Interchange, Citizens Involved is a disorganized Cluster Fuck.
I'll be at the next meeting. Mainly to see if my concerns are on the agenda. Hell, I may start my own citizens' group.
Stay tuned (those few people that read this) for updates and Ms. York's response to my email.

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