Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Traffic traffic and more traffic

Sorry it's been a while since my last post......my new job is keeping me busy.

Today I am simply going to rant about traffic in the general RT29 Briggs Chaney Road area. There is a new ramp going in to 29 from Briggs Chaney. Very nice maybe now I won't worry about dieing while attempting to merge off of 29 north. However one still may not make it up the ramp from 29 south and live to tell the tale. In fact, over the weekend I was traveling up said ramp to find that some moron had broken down on the ramp. Ok that happens and that fact alone did not lead me to believe that this driver had an IQ below 60. However, the fact that he moved a construction barrel behind the van and walked off did.

It seems that we are doing nothing but building roads up here. No new schools. No new office buildings really. And it's rather obvious (given this van situation above) that there are not enough county police officers to patrol all these new roads.

Anyone see an end in sight?

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thecourtyard said...

If Burtonsville doesn't get its act together, the Dutch Country Farmers Market could move to Upper Marlboro: check out Just Up The Pike.