Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Police Abuse

First, this is not a bash the police blog. It never will be. Let me say that again THIS IS NOT A BASH THE POLICE BLOG NOR IS THIS POST IN ANY WAY MEANT TO BE COP-BASHING. There. Now I want to hear no complaints. This week's Gazette reported a story that I first heard about when living in Takoma Park. Not to go in to too much detail (I would prefer the few people that read this blog to also read the news. Don't just take my word for it.) but a Takoma Park Police Officer is on trial in PGCO on charges of assault stemming from an incident in which said officer kneed a suspect in the back so hard that this suspect suffered broken ribs. What's very interesting here is not that a cop beat the hell out of a suspect while handcuffing him. What's interesting is that the suspect never brought up any allegations of abuse. In fact, the investigation was prompted by concerns and complaints from his FELLOW OFFICERS AT THE SCENE. This officer is still listed as a police officer on the Takoma Park Police website. Thus leading me to believe he still has a badge and an issued firearm and certainly is still on the payroll. This behavior is wrong and this officer needs to be punished, however, so does every higher ranking officer that allows him to hide behind the cover of being a police officer and not face these charges as a normal everyday citizen. This is becoming a serious issue with Police in MoCo. They (for the most part this is not to say all) seem to have a bit of a "Frat boy" mentality. How can we even expect to control crime when the ones we trust to do so are criminals themselves?

Anyone that reads this blog (and Gods bless you --it should be noted that I do not believe in a "God" so that's a lot coming from me) please read this Gazette article. You may feel free to post your comments here or email them to me at cava.steve@gmail.com if for some reason you do not want your comments shared with the rest of cyberspace. This is not to say that I won't post your emailed comments anyway......

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