Monday, November 19, 2007


The eastern most part of MoCo is so utterly fucked that we can't take it anymore. Crime has sky rocketed in our 13 months here and there seems no end to that. There is little to no police presence even though we've had car thefts, break ins, and even a few dumb asses firing off weapons! It's just not safe anymore. Traffic (the subject that really started this blog) sucks. It just sucks and it's not getting any better. It's getting worse by the day. There is a lack of citizen involvement, and really that is in part why crime is so bad. This is not to say that I am killing my blog--not that it would really matter too much, no one reads the damned thing. I am going to keep ranting if anyone cares to read it. I'm going to rename it I think but that will come later. I also hope that, with the move to Rockville (yes the epicenter of all MoCo ills) I will have the chance to get more involved with local politics and perhaps make a small difference. I highly doubt that I will be able to but hey, a man's gotta dream right? This is will be busy time so the blog may be quiet for a while. Dan of JUTP if you do read this, you do a good job of covering East County. Please remember, however, it's a blog, not a news service. While I appreciate you trying to cover stories that do get overlooked by the main media, a blog is a place to express your opinion not to play journalist. Leave that to the Gazette and the Post. That said, I will try to keep you apprised of what's coming out of Rockville as much as able.

In closing, I'd say it's been a fun ride but it's been utter hell. I'm glad to be leaving the shit hole that East County has become. I hope that those left will sit up and take notice. Take some pride in what's there. Get involved. If you do, you'll find that crime will go down, Rockville will know you exist and may even help you out some, and people may just come back and say "wow this is a nice place to live now". If not, rest assured that the area will go the way of Langley Park. Yeah, that used to be a really nice area that people went to and *gasp* felt safe at. Now look at it. Don't let what's left of East County become that.



adele levine said...

I wish you wouldn't close your blog. I enjoy reading it. The traffic at University and Georgia made me move from my beloved perch in the heart of scenic wheaton.

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