Friday, November 16, 2007

The "TransGenders" Make Me Late.....

I've been quiet for a while and won't go into the many reasons why at this time. I'll just jump right in to the fray. I think that I've managed to piss off a few people with this blog. While that was never really my intention, I kinda thought it would happen and this post is sure to flood my email inbox with hate mail.

This week the MoCo council saw it fit not only to entertain but to debate a bill that would provide so-called "trans-gendered" persons protection from discrimination. While the reference that would allow an anatomical male to use the women's restroom was removed, the protection for that act remains. In addition and a by far worse move by the Council, our tax dollars were wasted with this debate and vote. There are MANY issues that need addressing in the county. But instead of proposing ways to deal with gangs, illegal immigration, traffic, and the host of other ills in the county, the Council decides to cater to a fringe group. Simply because a (in my opinion rather dis-ordered) member of the Council happens to have a "trans-gendered" member of her staff means, boys and girls, that we all get to be stuck in traffic, more likely to be robbed, and get to pay higher taxes for the privilege. Honestly someone that voted for this dingbat please email me. I need to know that someone did, in fact, vote for her. If you would like to tell me why in the fuck you did that would be helpful too.

The bottom line. Ladies, the next time you are in the bathroom and feel that something may not be "right" with the "girl" walking in behind you, thank the County Council. Then at the next election please tell these morons how you feel. Vote their asses out of here!

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